What will Canadian ads look like in 2017?

With the 150th anniversary of Confederation upon us, industry experts are suggesting that Canadian ads are going to take an emotional turn. Loblaw Cos. Ltd. is certainly following this trend: recently, it released its “#EatTogether” campaign, which tells the story of multicultural residents of an apartment complex coming together for an impromptu meal.

According to the company, the message of the ad—which is a departure from its usual campaigns—is about unity and community-building through the vehicle of food. This storytelling approach, which is used to create consumer attachment to different brands, will be featured heavily during Canada’s sesquicentennial.

“Creating what we call film versus a commercial; it’s definitely a first time doing this. The 150th year for Canada is a momentous occasion. It really felt like the significance of the occasion required a different way in,” says Loblaw’s senior vice-president of marketing, Uwe Stueckmann. “We felt it was important to do something that isn’t about trying to sell a product, that isn’t about trying to sell anything, really. It’s more about creating this movement of getting Canadians to eat together.

During the campaign, which will run until Canada Day, Loblaw will use social media to interact with Canadians. It will be holding a contest, during which it will ask Canadians to discuss how their culinary skills are influenced by Canada’s cultural diversity.

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is also moving in this direction with its ads, launching a campaign called “#Make150Count.” With this, they asked Canadians aged 16 to 25 to describe how they would use $150 to “help communities prosper.” The company has yet to release video advertisements on the subject.

If you’re thinking about launching advertising campaigns in the upcoming months, consider playing off of this national sentimentality. By playing toward the heart—as well as the mind—of the consumer, you’re sure to find success.