KGK Science announces completion of investment by CPS Capital

KGK Science Inc., a leading contract research organization offering human clinical trials and regulatory services to the health nutrition industry, is pleased to announce the completion of an investment from CPS Capital, an independent private equity firm that seeks to work with owners looking for additional board and advisory resources for the operations and growth of their business.

“CPS Capital’s investment in KGK Science is a strong vote of confidence in the future of KGK and the value clinical research brings to the health nutrition industry,” stated Najla Guthrie, President and CEO of KGK Science. “We are pleased to partner with investors who are dedicated to working towards our shared vision of growth while providing quality science to the Natural Products industry. The reputation, strategic and operational experience of CPS Capital’s team will be a welcome addition to our company.”

Founded by a pair of entrepreneurs, CPS Capital seeks to find, invest-in and advise high-quality small and/or medium sized businesses. CPS provides business owners with a unique structure that is an attractive option compared to traditional financial or strategic investors. As Ivey graduates, CPS Capital’s team brings strong and diverse experience from a variety of industries and functions, with decades of international management experience. As a part of the partnership with KGK, CPS Capital will advise KGK operationally while helping to grow the business organically.

“KGK Science offers a unique investment opportunity for us,” said Wei Lin of CPS Capital.  “We are excited to be partnered with a leading Contract Research Organization for the supplement and ingredient industries. Since pioneering the market in 1997, KGK has helped to advise and define the clinical research and regulatory industry within Canada and the United States. As the regulatory environment has become more stringent, the demand for clinical research and regulatory support offers a vast opportunity for KGK. We are looking forward to working with KGK’s management team as they pursue their strategic growth opportunities.”

About KGK Science Inc:
KGK Science is the leading contract research organization offering clinical trial services and regulatory consulting for the dietary supplement, functional food, ingredient, and cosmetic industry. For over 20 years, KGK has been designing and conducting clinical trials to support clients with claims substantiation and product marketing.
KGK offers a seamless solution to clients’ clinical research and regulatory needs. As your one stop shop, KGK provides research strategy, regulatory support, clinical trials, and clinical trial management all under one roof. Prove it! With KGK!

About CPS Capital:
CPS Capital is a private equity firm based out of Vancouver and Toronto. CPS was founded by a pair of entrepreneurs with top tier management consulting and capital markets experience, looking to invest in and advise high quality small and/or medium sized private businesses across Canada and the US. CPS Capital’s investor base consists of primarily high net-worth private individuals across Canada. All of CPS Capital’s current principals are graduates of the MBA program from the Ivey Business School in London