Walmart amps up Amazon competition with third-party online selling

Walmart Canada is making a brand-new swipe at Amazon with another foray into the digital realm. The retailer is expanding the offerings on its website with the addition of third-party selling, allowing for the sale of goods from outside companies and small businesses.


This bold move follows Amazon’s entrance into bricks-and-mortar grocery with Whole Foods.


“This has been in the works for a long time,” says CEO Lee Tappenden. “We will double the SKUS we have online at the launch date, and by early next year we will have millions of SKUs online.”


What’s more, Walmart Canada is launching in-store pickup for online purchases, with 100 stores set to have the feature by Christmas.


Ultimately, this move will allow Walmart to further compete with Amazon’s number one selling point—its vast product selection. As this retail war continues to escalate, independent retailers must continue to offer the excellent customer service they are known for. Additionally, retailers must consider entering into the e-commerce market: this will allow for better competition on all platforms.