Roo Brands partners with iLevel Management

Roo Brands Ltd has announced a partnership with iLevel Management, Inc. iLevel Management will act as the company’s sales broker to Natural Health stores in Canada. The two organizations will work closely together to promote, distribute and increase sales of Roo’s award winning brand Roobar through effective promotional and marketing programs across Canada. iLevel’s industry, sales and marketing expertise will assist Roo Brands Ltd on their path to long-term success.


“We at Roo Brands Ltd are thrilled to partner with iLevel Management,” comments Roo Brands Ltd Co-founder and COO, Kalin Klasanov. Mr. Klasanov added, “iLevel is a full service sales & marketing agency ensuring the perfect representation we want in the Natural Health channel. iLevel provides a tremendous platform for the further advancement of our brand—Roobar.”


About Roo Brands OOD


Roobar is a European producer of organic raw bar and vegan cookies. The company reaches 50 countries on 5 continents and it’s the market leader in the organic raw food bar category in Europe, with close to 1 million bars sold monthly. In their state-of-the-art factory Roo Brands sets the highest quality standards in producing the bars and cookies.


ROO’BAR are 100 per cent organic raw bars with superfood ingredients. Each bar has a simple recipe consisting of 4 to 5 plant-based, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients. Roobars’ main ingredient is dried fruit, which has a naturally sweet taste. This means there’s no need to add sugar or artificial sweeteners. About iLevel Management Inc.

iLevel Management, Inc., opened its doors in 2013. Its core principles are centered on innovation, integration, and invigoration of its brands and marketing strategies.


Implementing custom technologies into everyday business operations allows their brands to receive detailed information that is retailer driven and has long term plans for success.


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